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5 Church Ln, Hook, Goole DN14 5PN

Tel: 01405 761 871  



Daisy Chain Nursery


Welcome to Daisychain Nursery & Out of School Club

Our passion is to provide a nurturing, caring and stimulating environment where children learn through play, are safe, respected and treated as individuals

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Now under new ownership, providing “Flexible” child care for children 0 – 11 yrs.

Through our dedicated experienced team we provide high quality childcare where children learn through our caring and stimulating environment. Providing opportunities for each child to discover and develop their own unique talents and abilities and become confident and independent learners.

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Being able to communicate with others and make new and lasting friends is very important. By encouraging social interaction, openness, trust and respect from nursery age, children are far more likely to carry these life skills into adulthood.

Whilst friendship plays a large role at nursery, helping children to learn and have fun to the full, it also sets them up for many other things life will present. From sport and fitness to job interview and social occasions, self confidence and feeling comfortable around others is crucial to a happy life. Our team members are her to support natural friendships, sharing and teamwork, simultaneously providing an environment for independence and self-expression.

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In these early years young minds are developing and their capacity for learning is very high. They have a natural sense of curiosity, and desire to learn. They also remember facts and figures more effectively. Using the Early Years Foundation Stage Frame work, we channel and embellish this curiosity and this heightened ability to learn by providing a positive learning environment, engaging and encouraging development through stimulating activities and play and providing opportunity for learning through self exploration.

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Children need many forms of stimuli to keep their brains and bodies active. That’s why we provide a huge range of activites to enable the most enjoyable nursery experience around. From arts and crafts, storytelling and physical play, to activities that nurture hand-eye coordination, pattern recoginsition, and logic.

All of these activities are designed to suite the different ages and developmental stages of the individual children, whilst also allowing for fliexibility for the children and their strengths and weaknesses. This way we can ensure that every child is getting the most of their time here by being creative and learning new skills alongside the formal education sessions.

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Whilst may children develop basic skills at a similar speed and age, others develop at different rates. A child may be slower at learning the alphabet than their peers, yet excel at art and crafts. This is why our team are trained in understanding and nurturing individual development whilst encouraging group dynamics.

Wherever your child’s unique needs, behaviour, personality and areas of development, Daisychain will help them to thrive and maximise their capabilities. This is achieved through a combination of child-centred education, play and activities, giving each individual child an environment that is filled with stimulating possibilities and space to grow.

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