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5 Church Ln, Hook, Goole DN14 5PN

Tel: 01405 761 871  



Daisy Chain Nursery



Daisychain Nursery has signed up to follow the Early Years Code of Practice for Healthy Food and Drink.

This means that this setting meets the following principles:

●   We provide meals and snacks that are planned so that they meet the national voluntary
     food and drink guidelines for early years settings.

●   We plan varied menus for meals and snacks in advance, which include different
     tastes, colours and textures of food and take into consideration seasonality, sustainability
     and the impact on the environment. Staff with appropriate skills plan menus so that all
     the children we look after are offered varied and balanced food and drink.

●   Everyone involved with this setting knows what foods are on offer to children here, when
     and where they eat, and how we use food to support children’s learning , health and

●   We consult with families and children and keep them informed about issues relating to food and drink. We encourage families to
     give us their views about issues such as timing of our meals and snacks, the types of food and drink we provide, and what their
     children eat.

●   We cater for the dietary requirements of all children wherever possible. This means we work with families to make sure that
     any special dietary requirements (including food allergies and intolerances) are accommodated, and that children of all cultures
     and religions can enjoy appropriate meals and snacks.

●   We encourage children to be independent in their serving and eating.

●   We have a positive and welcoming eating environment, to encourage
     children to eat well, and develop good eating habits and social skills. The
     dining areas are kept clean, warm and bright, and we have furniture, plates
     and cutlery suitable for young children.

●   We use meal and snack times as an opportunity to talk to children about
     healthy eating, to act as positive role models and to help children to
     develop good eating habits and social skills.

●   We encourage children to try new foods and we give children enough time to
     finish their meals and snacks.

●   Older children are involved in serving meals and help to set the table and tidy up after meals and snack times.

●   Staff involved in preparing food for children have had training in food safety and hygiene.

●   Our menus are displayed in the nursery and copies are available to families on request.

●   We avoid large quantities of fat, sugar and salt and artificial additives, preservatives and colourings.

●   Menus will include at least five servings of fresh fruit and vegetables per day.

●   Fresh drinking water will be constantly available and frequently offered to children and babies.

●   Quantities take into account the ages of the children.

●   Any child who shows signs of distress at being faced with a meal he/she does
     not like will have his food removed without any fuss. If a child does not finish
     his first course, he/she will still be given a small helping of dessert if approved
     by parent as we will try and follow the parent's guidelines. Children not
     on special diets will be encouraged to eat a small piece of everything. Children
     who refuse to eat at the mealtime will be offered food later in the day.

●   Meal and snack times are a happy, social occasion for staff and children alike.
     Positive interactions are shared at these times and enjoyed.